Why Choose Us?

We understand that your time off is precious. So we offer kayak eco tours that bring lots of excitement, an orchestra of wildlife, hands-on learning, some relaxation and a ton of fun.  We have a remarkable amount of customers who come back year-after-year, and refer friends to us because they know we are consistent, informative, safe and let’s face it…we’re loads of fun (if we do say so ourselves)!

Awesome Reputation…

We take our proven reputation seriously. We do this by:

  • Keeping our customers happy: 30% of our customers are repeats and refer their friends and family to us.
  • Hiring naturalists tour guides with experience in Florida’s eco systems and waterways.
  • Maintaining a perfect safety record: our guides are certified in first aid and rescue.
  • Being ethical and fair to our customers, our staff, and our community.
  • Supporting environmental charities and educating children through donations, presentations and fundraising.
  • Promoting a healthy planet by leaving no trace on the waterways.
  • Educating the public about habitat restoration and conservation.

Safety First…

Our customers’ safety is our top priority. We want you to have a worry-free kayaking experience, so we have chosen the best equipment available in the industry and plan our tours based on weather patterns and tidal fluctuations. Our staff members are certified in rescue/first aid, and have extensive safety training, on and off the water.

We are here to show you the best-of-the-best while keeping you safe. We know the islands, bays, rivers, springs and waterways inside and out, and only lead you to places that offer the most stunning views and most memorable experiences.

Quality Equipment…

We pride ourselves in using the highest quality equipment, gear and supplies in all aspects of our business. This includes stable kayaks, comfortable life vests, adjustable paddles, and detailed maps (for kayak rentals). We enjoy and are proud of what we do. This enthusiastic attitude will be experienced from your first call to our shop, to all of the amazing details of your kayaking experience.

Spreading the Word…

We have been reviewed in many forms of media ranging from TV to newspapers to magazines to online, and most importantly, by our customers. We take these reviews seriously and are always adjusting and improving our business based on what our customers are saying. We encourage you to read Almost Heaven Kayak Adventures’ various recommendations and positive comments online (GoogleBingYahooTripAdvisorFacebook), talk with the local chambers/visitors centers, and ask your local accommodations.

Book your tour and see for yourself!